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RadioDB is still very much a Beta product, and as such we're very open to hearing your suggestions for new features, bug reports etc.

Quick API Guide

The RadioDB API is a standard RESTful API. It exposes two core objects namely Frequencies and Groups.

Authentication is done by means of headers providing two parameters called user-id and user-secret, both of which are available at /settings/api-key/list/. You can create as many API keys as you would like, in fact we encourage it. We will add SSL shortly.

Permissions are set per API and the Read, Write, Update, Delete verbs should be quite self-explanatory.

The two endpoints are and

All Frequencies and Groups are are indexed by a UUID. Actions on specific objects occur via GET, POST, PUT, DELETE verbs on their specific URLs (eg.<frequency-uuid>/)

The Postman Chrome Extension allows for a quick dive into the API and easy testing. Send your data as raw JSON encoded objects.

Postman Auth Example

Fetching One Frequency

Updating a Frequency